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We have talked about the transformation that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have brought about globally, and especially as regards creating millionaires and billionaires as well as countless other persons who have become rich in thousands of dollars, just out of being involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. There are several methods of participating in and reaping from the phenomenon that is called Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They include investing, trading and Bitcoin mining.

However, there are some downsides to purely investing in Bitcoin and expecting it to experience price increases before you can bag profits. These include the following.

You can only make money if the price increases. One big downside that you experience from Bitcoin investing is that you really can only make any returns if the price of Bitcoin goes up; otherwise you lose money. If you invest in Bitcoin in hope of such exponential returns, you may end up being disappointed.

Luckily, there are other channels through which Bitcoin is churning out millionaires – Crypto Trading Bots.

Crypto Trading Bot Kenya

In the past, we have talked about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin to Individuals; here we want to talk about the specific benefits that businesses stand to gain from crypto.

Bitcoin has been applied in ways to benefit businesses of various sizes. This is especially true of small and medium scale businesses (SMEs) that do not have access to the power and leverage owned by multinational corporations.

From speed of transactions to cheaper transaction costs, Bitcoin has brought a lot of benefits to how people run their businesses in Kenya.

1) Access to a larger market
Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method will give you access to a whole new market of tech-savvy consumers who have created a community within the cryptocurrency market. It allows you to dip into broader markets and appeal to consumers all around the world. 28% of shopping cart abandonment occurred for lack of the payment option the shopper wanted to use. Therefore, the more payment options you add, the better. And it offers customers some flexibility.

2) Fast Transactions

Unlike credit card systems that take a few days to batch out and process, cryptocurrency is processed immediately, giving you instant access to funds. Fast transactions can help streamline your business cash flow.

3) Low Fees

Another benefit of offering cryptocurrency as a payment method is the low fees associated with each transaction.

4) More Security

After you complete a transaction with cryptocurrency it becomes difficult to reverse, unless you have the consent of the merchant. This offers retailers more security when it comes to e-commerce fraud since there is no middle force, such as a bank, that is able to withdraw the funds from your account without your consent.

5) Ease of accepting international payments

Small online retailers and independent consultants often don’t sell their wares and services internationally because of expensive cross-border transaction fees. Cryptocurrencies relieve the steep cost of going global, making cross-border payments easier, faster and cheaper.

6) Prepares your business for digital revolution

While cryptocurrencies are just a niche market for now, with a very small value in the global financial scene, more and more businesses and companies are embracing them, whether to respond to changes or differentiate themselves from other businesses.

This means cryptocurrencies could play a huge role in the financial, payment and general markets of the future. That point is hard to discredit given our constant need to rush into a more digitized world. Consider how cryptocurrencies have grown in value over the years with the rate accelerating greatly in the last two years.

Bitcoin Loophole Review Kenya

Bitcoin Loophole is a fake Crypto trading software, that originally opened in January of 2018. Fast forward to 2020, and you will find many versions of this trading app, but in essence they are all the same scam. You should be extremely careful before investing with them!

The trading software that Bitcoin Loophole offers, is at best just a random signals generator. Other websites offering this product don’t even have a working product.

The Bitcoin Loophole shows you the asset to trade, time that the signal is valid, their confidence level, and the ability to place a trade. You cannot ascertain from the signals, how long the trade should be for. Is it going to make money in 5 minutes or 5 days?

We were able to gather countless reasons why we believe that Bitcoin Loophole is a scam; however we cannot mention all. We will just discuss like 6.

1) Inconsistency
One thing claimed by the promoters of Bitcoin Loophole is that it is an “automated trading system for Bitcoin”. But once you click on the promotional materials you see that they are talking about trading currencies and forex such as GBP/USD, trading binary options, and many others.

First, they said it was a Bitcoin Investment, then a Bitcoin autotrading software, now it is a multipurpose trading system. This lack of consistency is a common feature of scammers and phonies.

Note that most multipurpose trading softwares do not work well; it is better and very important that the software be targeted at a particular type of asset or instrument.

2) Recommended broker only:
When you sign up with Bitcoin Loophole, you are told that you can only trade the software with it’s approved broker. Otherwise, the software will not work.

However, checks showed that the recommended broker is not regulated by any recognised financial authority whatsoever. There are so many dangers attached to trading with unregulated brokers.

3) Multiple versions
One other red flag that you notice with Bitcoin Loophole is that there are so many versions of it that exist, that we really do not know which is the right one.

Although the situation of people plagiarising the software of other happens to credible platforms too, we still are able to recognise the actual original. However, with Bitcoin Loophole, it is so difficult to do so.

Bitcoin Revolution Review Kenya

Bitcoin Revolution is automated trading software. Just like you find with Bitcoin Loophole reviewed above, you need to commit some funds with Bitcoin Revolution after which it should start trading and making passive income on your behalf.

However, you have to be cautious. Everything about the Bitcoin Revolution makes it appear like a scam.

We noticed a number of features about it that are not encouraging and will make any reasonable person raise highbrows.
We explain such below:

1) Sponsored Posts in Credible Media
It seems it is a common playbook among these kinds of schemes to pay for content on credible platforms.
In this case, a review of Bitcoin Revolution was published on MarketWatch on June 30, 2020, with the headline: “Bitcoin Revolution Review [Tested] – Scam App or Legit? Proof of Results”. Just below the headline, you see the disclaimer,
“The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.”

And of course, when you read the article, you don’t find any “proof of results.”

That’s however not all: you remember the article paid for by Bitcoin Loophole to get published on Associated Press (AP)? Well, we have something of that exact sort here. A paid article on AP about Bitcoin Revolution with the title, “Bitcoin Revolution Review — Is it a Profitable Investment?” was published on May 21, 2020 – just a day before that of Bitcoin Loophole was published.

2) Big Promises
Bitcoin Revolution requires you to put up a minimum amount of $250, the same amount as Bitcoin Loophole. They urge you that you can also put up more if you so desire.

Also, they promise that you will make at least $1,000 daily, with returns as high as 300% of initial capital daily. This translates to become a whopping 9,000% on a monthly basis – and this is recurring.
With that they claim that you will become a millionaire in just 61 days. Like you will have $1 million some 2-3 months from when you sign up. If money was so easy, everyone will be rich!

First, what you notice is that they are not consistent as to the particular returns you can make. First, you can bag 300%; next, you can make $1,000 – all on a daily basis.

This is too bogus to say the least. For one, you must note that nobody can perfectly tell you how much they will make out of the markets. Never! The markets are very unpredictable, and no one can say you will make a certain amount per day or certain percentage. It is just seeming impossible to do so.

3) Trying to claim credibility
Bitcoin Revolution adorns its website pages with videos of finance, business and investment celebrities talking about and endorsing bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The celebrities include former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates, Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson and Eric Schmidt of Alphabet (Google).

These investors were however not endorsing Bitcoin Revolution in itself.
We see this as a marketing ploy to lure unsuspecting investors into associating these billionaires with Bitcoin Revolution so that it can look legit.

Along with no (1) above, you just marvel at the level the promoters of Bitcoin Revolution go to prove that they are legit.

Our verdict is that you avoid them; if at all you want to try them, get at least one person that has tried them and become a millionaire. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money.

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